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Conscious Media Forum (CMF) was established in 2002 by group of researchers, development activists, social activists and journalists with an aim to promote pro-people democratic process, equality and justice in the society. Furthermore, it believes that existing disparities in the society cannot be resolved without transforming the existing unequal socio-economic structure. It also believes that it is extremely important to ensure poor and marginalized communities’ access to information, knowledge and resources.

The major aim of CMF is to identify the problems in political, social, economic and cultural spheres, advocate on them through media, and make broader collation against all kinds of injustice and to pressurize the state and concerned authorities for sustainable solutions. CMF has especially been launching media advocacy campaigns on social, cultural, economic and political rights of deprived population on the basis of class, gender, ethnicity, race and region.

CMF believes that all the social, economic, cultural and political disparities are rooted in the structure of Nepali society. Without progressive transformation of the society, it is impossible to address and find solution of these disparities only with segmented interventions. Hence, it is necessary to develop a broader social movement in the country, where each and every member of the society acknowledges the concerns of other member as his/her own and expresses solidarity.

Conscious Media Forum aims to create space for people to raise their concerns and to advocate for policy changes. Thus, CMF has been organizing media advocacy, social and policy dialogues as well as campaigns aiming to bridge the gap between the policy and grassroots. CMF believes that the role of media is important to achieve the goal of good governance, eco-friendly democracy, and international people’s solidarity.

CMF believes in larger solidarity movement across the world. We believe that the social movements around the world should join hands to ensure rights of the most deprived communities socially, economically and politically. CMF works with the motto that resources should be accessed, controlled and managed by the local communities.

Anti-poor policies, we feel, are formulated by the under developed countries, especially from the south, under the massive pressure by rich countries. We feel this phenomenon can be countered only through the larger solidarity among poor countries and the social movements in these countries should unite to fight the globalization, neo-liberal economic policies and the anti poor policies of international financial institutions.

Conscious Media Forum has been regularly extending its solidarity towards almost every global movement for social justice, pro-people democracy, against the anti poor globalization and against suppression of people. Similarly, it has been working jointly with and extending its solidarity to the movement of change against violence against women, torture and discrimination.

CMF holds the secretariat of Asian People’s Alliance for Combating HIV and AIDS (APACHA), Nepal Chapter. APACHA is an alliance of multi disciplinary groups like trade unions, women rights organization, positive organizations, media, lawyers, youths, indigenous people, Dalit organizations and others to combat HIV & AIDS collectively. This is a broader alliance, which does not only focus on HIV, but also works as a platform to influence public policies, build international pressure for trade justice, fair patent regimes, aid effectiveness and debt cancellation.

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