Policy Intervention & Advocacy

CMF is working continuously aiming to uplift the political and socio-economic condition of the deprived and poor people, to ensure their easy access and control over resources, to build up meaningful pressure on policy makers to make
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Mobilisation & Movement

Media tours for issue sensitization
CMF regularly conducts field reporting by taking journalists to the field and sensitize them on the pertinent issues of the marginalized and deprived people and regions. CMF
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Knowledge Initiatives

One of the major objectives of CMF is to carry out research, Publication and studies on different issues to enhance the knowledge base to give specific direction for effective advocacy. It periodically carries out research, studies an
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Leadership & Capacity Building

CMF periodically conducts capacity-building programs for different socially deprived communities and other stakeholders, especially the media.

  • Long term Journalism Training to the People livin
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Solidarity Network Coordination

CMF believes that it is important to engage multiple identity groups for different solidarity movements, which will help to sensitize more people on different issues, and simultaneously influences the public policy as well.
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Peoples' Voice on Globalization

Today’s world is known to be world of globalization, where movement of trade, materials and capital is believed to be free of barriers. The advocates of globalization claim that it is the best policy to help developing and under
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