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Today’s world is known to be world of globalization, where movement of trade, materials and capital is believed to be free of barriers. The advocates of globalization claim that it is the best policy to help developing and under developed countries grow better. However, these countries and their inhabitant are the ones to face most adverse impact of current trend of globalization.

In Nepal, the issue of globalization has not come to fore as an important issue of discourse. Nepal is not exception to any other under developed country, which has suffered the impact of globalization. The current anti poor policy of globalization, international financial institutions like, World Bank, WTO and IMF, already have started to show their effect. evertheless, we are still hesitant of recognizing it or probably, we do not want to recognize it because of our multiple interests.

CMF believes that, the current trend of globalization is not in favour of poor countries like Nepal. Recent global financial crisis has already shown that this is not the policy, which will do any good to the whole world. Hence, we need to discuss and debate its impact on our country and the effect it can have in future.

CMF has initiated a forum to intensify the discourse on globalization issues in Nepal called ‘Alternative Discourse on Globalisation’. This is an independent entity having its own governance and management structure. CMF, as the initiating organisation, currently conducts most of the managerial works on behalf of the forum, while all the decisions regarding the forum are made by the steering committee.

The forum conducts

  • Regular discussions around the issues of globalization.
  • Focused discussions on specific issues related to globalization
  • Capacity building of social activists from different field on the issues of globalization
  • Advocacy with State agencies to change the policies that are forced on Nepal by International Financial Institutions like WTO, IMF & WB
  • Research and studies on the impact of globalization on different aspects of Nepali society
  • Participate and extend solidarity to international social movements

This is a membership-based forum and membership is open for all like-minded individuals. People from intellectuals to the grassroots workers, academia to the social activists, students to political activists and many other walks of the society are part of the forum. The Alternative Discourse on Globalization envisions creating a broader solidarity movement against the adverse impact of globalisation in Nepal in particular and the developing countries in general.

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