Solidarity Network Coordination

CMF believes that it is important to engage multiple identity groups for different solidarity movements, which will help to sensitize more people on different issues, and simultaneously influences the public policy as well.

Part of social movement.
CMF has facilitated series of dialogue jointly with other civil society organization. CMF jointly organized "Peoples' initiation for New Nepal', national conference for Peoples, access to natural resources. CMF is actively participating in, supported or coordinated campaigns for political mainstreaming of the people most at need. CMF coordinates and closely works with different social groups including Dalit, ethnic, women, students and other organizations and networks.

To make civil society more responsible, critical and sensitive towards social and Human rights Issues, CMF is actively participating in people’s movements against injustice. it also coordinates for legal and political lobbying with different organizations in different human rights abuse cases.

APACHA Movement
CMF holds the secretariat of Asian People’s Alliance for Combating HIV and AIDS (APACHA), Nepal Chapter. APACHA is an alliance of multidisciplinary groups like trade unions, women rights organization, positive organizations, media, lawyers, youths, indigenous people, Dalit organizations and others to combat HIV & AIDS collectively. This is a broader alliance, which does not only focus on HIV, but also works as a platform to influence public policies, build international pressure for trade justice, fair patent regimes, aid effectiveness and debt cancellation.

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