Leadership & Capacity Building

CMF periodically conducts capacity-building programs for different socially deprived communities and other stakeholders, especially the media.

  • Long term Journalism Training to the People living with HIV and Vulnerable Groups to strength their capacity and involvement in Media. Since its establishment CMF has provided such trainings to more than 50 HIV Positive and Affected people. Currently most of them are publishing popular magazines and have developed as important activist in the fight against AIDS.
  • Short Term Media Advocacy Training to the Community Organizations working on HIV & AIDS Issue CMF regularly provides such trainings and orientations to enhance their capacity to strengthen their relationship with Media and make them able to write about their efforts and perform in-house publications.
  • Short term orientations and trainings to the beat reporters and sub-editors to broaden understanding and clarity about different perspectives of HIV & AIDS, issues related to natural resources and political economy. These trainings sensitize them on the issues and make their role creative and positive in bringing positive social change.
  • Advocacy Training for Most at Risk Groups to enhance the knowledge, understanding and sense of Responsibility as well as to develop their leadership capacity, CMF regularly provides Advocacy Training to Risk Groups focusing on social structure, social disparities, structure of the State, political decision making process, human rights, legal aspects of AIDS and advocacy.

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