Knowledge Initiatives

One of the major objectives of CMF is to carry out research, Publication and studies on different issues to enhance the knowledge base to give specific direction for effective advocacy. It periodically carries out research, studies and assessment surveys on different issues related to Public Health, HIV, natural resources and social inequality.

Media Monitoring
CMF is involved in regular media monitoring and disseminate of report among the media persons on the issue of Natural resource, Public Health, Women, Dalit and HIV & AIDS. It carries out monitoring of all mainstream print & electronic media on the above issues.

Research & Studies

  • Analysis of Tenth Five year plan and poverty reduction strategy paper regarding the land rights in collaboration with CSRC. This was an indepth analysis of market perspective of land reform and land management in Nepal.
  • Analysis of National AIDS strategy 2005 through gender perspective in collaboration with Action Aid Nepal.
  • "VAW and HIV: Intersection of two pandemic Causes and consequences"; a indpepth qualitative analysis of structural paradigm of violence against women in Nepali society and its relation with HIV transmission.
  • Analysis of committments, program and policies regarding the rights of HIV positive and affected children in colaboration with Save the children.
  • "Dalit issues in Political Parties' Manifestos" an Analysis of Political Parties' programs and vision from caste perspective in collaboration with Rashtriya Dalit Network.

CMF periodically carries out publication of books, perspective papers, media manuals and other publications based on the research and studies it has carried out.

  • Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) and Land Rights (2004) jointly with CSRC
  • Book on Feminisation of AIDS : HIV and VAW (2007) (in English and Nepali)
  • The Political Economy of HIV & AIDS (2008), in collaboration with APACHA Nepal
  • Guidelines for reporting on HIV & AIDS, A manual for media persons (2008)

And regularly executes the following publications

  • “Abhiyan”, a magazine on the issues of Poverty, Gender, Development and HIV & AIDS
  • Periodical publications: focusing on, efforts, problems and success stories of differentcommunity based organisations.
  • Issue based publication on HIV & AIDS, food security, women rights and Natural resources
  • CMF has also launched and regularly update a website

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