Mobilisation & Movement

Media tours for issue sensitization
CMF regularly conducts field reporting by taking journalists to the field and sensitize them on the pertinent issues of the marginalized and deprived people and regions. CMF has experienced remarkable success in some cases with partnership of media in mainstreaming the issues of most marginalized communities.

Photo: A Historical media walk in Farwest Region, the most HIV affected area of Nepal. 20 journalists visited different affected villages in five districts for 15 days, met with affected and infected people, local authorities and reported from the field.

Media Mobilisation
CMF Provides support to journalist all over the country to carry out in-depth analytical repor on specific issues. This helps to bring the issues of most deprived communities to the front through mainstream media. Similarly, CMF engages media person, in different social movements, campaigns and events.

Journalists interacting with Local people of
Melamchi, who are affected by the megadrinking water project during a media walk in Sindhupalchok.


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