Policy Intervention & Advocacy

CMF is working continuously aiming to uplift the political and socio-economic condition of the deprived and poor people, to ensure their easy access and control over resources, to build up meaningful pressure on policy makers to make all the development process responsive and productive for deprived communities.

It regularly conducts:

  • Advocacy and campaign for access to health services, care and treatment
  • People's movements against the anti-people negotiations and policies of international trade and financial institutions
  • Policy advocacy for people's ownership over land, livelihood and natural resources
  • Advocacy and campaign for transparency, good governance and meaningful participation of right holders
  • Advocacy for restructuring of the state to ensure space for marginalised people, community and region
  • Advocacy on the issues of violence against women, socially oppressed class and community
  • Discussion with different professional and community based organizations on development and governance issues related to HIV & AIDS.
  • Mobilisation of Media people in most affected areas

Since its establishment, CMF has focused its activities mainly on advocacy of social rights and justice through media mobilization. CMF believes that media is one of the most important partners to bring social changes.

Global AIDS Week of Action
CMF has been leading the Global AIDS Week of Action celebrations in Nepal since 2003. In the earlier phase CMF itself organised events during the week while since 2005, the week is observed under the banner of APACHA and CMF coordinates the event as the host organisation. GAWA is celebrated as nationwide event focusing the country report subbmitted by Nepal to UNGASS committee.

Broader colliation and movement against HIV

  • Mobilization of multi disciplinary group against HIV & AIDS recognising HIV and an problem caused mainly due to social, cultural and economic disparities
  • Mass interaction, Peoples conferences and discussion on the issues related to land reform, natural resources, Women’s rights and political economy.
  • Public Hearings for the deprived people to pressurize the state mechanism
  • University Discussion on different perspectives of HIV & AIDS

Up Comming Events

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