Media Walk for policy advocacy and sensitizationagainst HIV and AIDS in Farwest region of Nepal

HIV in far west is a new burning issue for Nepal. The new cases of HIV show the rapid increase of data in far west and the news focus more on the problem of infected and affected people. This trend not only sensitizes the people working on AIDS but also emphasis to observe the real situation, where media can be a part of campaign in this battle. Media can play an innovative role against AIDS. It is a new emerging source of acute information regarding Health and other issues. Information through media can only be possible when media persons themselves are aware and sensitized about the issue. HIV still has not become a critical issue for Nepalese Media. Therefore there is a need to strengthen the role of media and enhance their capacity.

Conscious Media forum; dedicated in this campaign feels that Media walk in certain areas can become an innovative action to sensitize and aware media about the situation. It can also raise the voices of voiceless people. So, CMF had proposed for a Media Walk in far west region of Nepal. ASHA project supported it and thus it became an innovative and historical move in far west.

• To reduce the Stigma and increase covering of the Issues
• To highlight the real situation of HIV and AIDS in the villages through media
• To increase the role of media persons as pro-infected and supportive actor in the
movement against AIDS
• To achieve a larger sensitization of general villagers
• To create a better environment for reducing policy-practice gap

Highlights of the project
• 21 Journalists from Kathmandu and Local level participated in this media walk for 16 days
• This walk covered 5 districts of far west region; Kailali, Dadeldhura, Doti, Acham and
• Kanchanpur.
• During the media walk, the team Interacted with around 50 positive people, more than
• 1000 Local people, over 40 journalists, and around 100 local authority representatives
• and leaders.

Major Activities
Inauguration of the media walk at Olani VDC of Kailali (VDC with one of the highest HIV prevalence rate)
• Orientation to the participating journalists
• Observation and Interaction at Jogbudha of Dadeldhura
• Discussion with authorities at Dadeldhura.
• Discussion with Red cross and CDF team at Doti
• Interaction with Local people at Sanagaun
• Meeting with Positive women around Sanfe
• Meeting with positive women at Bayalpata.
• Meeting with Local authority at Mangalsen
• Participated at WAD program in Doti
• Meeting with Local Authority at Doti
• Meeting with positive people at Kanchanpur
• Interaction with stakeholders at Kanchanpur

• Need to Activate DACC
• Involvement of PLWHA at all level
• Address the program of livelihood
• Focus program on Women and children.
• Issues of Governance
• Hit roots rather than leafs.
• Promote good practices and leadership of positive people


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