Achievments So far...

CMF has been carrying out media and policy advocacy, sensitization, lobbying activities and can proudly claim that, in a short period, it has contributed in different social movements to create broader positive impact

i)    CMF’s efforts on HIV & AIDS sector has given a new light to the issue that it is not only a health problem but a crucial issue linked with national as well as global development, governance, gender and largely poverty. Due to regular advocacy and discourse dynamics of HIV & AIDS have shifted towards right based approach.

ii)   CMF has been successful in mobilizing different social groups in the fight against HIV as this problem is related to socio-economic structure of the society. Now, many social groups like Dalits, ethnic people and women groups have recognised the fact that HIV too is directly related to their issues and have come together in the fight against HIV & AIDS.

iii)  CMF is one of the issue breakers on the land bank issue, enabling nation-wide debate on it. As a result government and World Bank were forced to rethink before its execution and that helped landless people to strongly oppose the program nationwide.  

iv)  CMF facilitated to bring different organization working in the sector of forest, land, water resources together or mighty opposition. 

v)   CMF is the first and only organisation that has been regularly providing Journalism, Advocacy, Leadership Development and Media Relationship trainings to the People Living with HIV & AIDS, which made them able to work as journalists and helped them to raise their voice themselves in a proper manner through mass media. 

vi)  At the time when corporate interest is dominating the issues of poor people by different anti poor policies, CMF’s timeless efforts has contributed a lot to pull the attention of the media to advocate in favour of poor and marginalized people following the rights based approach.


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